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3 critical elements for successfully making a homemade windmill

´╗┐This article tackles the DIY challenge of making your own homemade windmill. It discusses 3 critical factors that will make the process of building a homemade windmill quick and easy. This is essential information for anyone considering wind as a renewable source of energy for powering your home.

For the DIY man who is looking to build a homemade windmill, it can seem like a daunting task. But with the cost of energy bills always on the increase, it’s becoming more essential to look at renewable sources of energy, such as wind, to meet your home energy needs. In this article you will discover 3 critical things that everyone needs to know (or should know) before attempting to build your own windmill from home.

Research the Amount of Wind in Your Area

Before you should even considering building your own homemade windmill, you need to see if it’s worth your time. Of course if you are only looking to make homemade windmills for fun, then go ahead. But if you want to generate wind power for homes then it is essential to find out how much wind your area gets.

Why? That’s simple, when you make your own homemade windmill generator the more wind your area gets, the more power you will be able to generate from your residential wind turbine. This is very important as the more power generated, the more useable energy you can make. So wind maps are a simple and easy way to work out the average wind speed in your area. Based on this information you can work out how much wind energy you will be able to generate.

Find Good Quality Practical Instructions

Once you have determined that making a windmill is worth your while, now it’s time to find out how to make a homemade windmill. Now obviously don’t just go to your garage or DIY workshop and go to work, thinking that you will just work out how to build one. You might to successful but why make things hard for yourself. What I recommend to do is to find good quality (something what actually works) and practical (shows you details of how to do it) information about making your homemade windmill.

So obviously a few basic components are necessary for making your homemade windmill, such as a generator and the wind turbine blades. But follow a guide that includes details about these and the other components needed and how to assemble them together. This way your chances of success will be much greater.

Seek Professional Advice When Needed

Of course your homemade windmill (if constructed properly) is generating real energy which means electricity. Now this may sound simple and basic but the fact is that, if you are not a qualified electrician or someone who knows what they are doing, it can be dangerous. Even if your windmill is only generating a small amount of electricity, it could still give you a nasty shock.

Of course you are responsible for your own actions. But I will say that if you are considering connecting your windmill up to a main power supply for wind power generation, then only let a qualified person do this, for obvious safety reasons.

Final Important Point...

Even though the 3 critical elements above are a good starting point for your build, what are the exact step by step details needed to make a homemade windmill?

Such as the other necessary parts to a windmill, how to source these parts at the best price, how to correctly assemble them together and finally test your windmill to see if it works.

For more information and step by step instructions on how to make a homemade windmill you can visit the website below.

Preparing the kitchen

´╗┐Thanksgiving may have come and gone, but that means the holidays are really just getting started. The invitations have been sent, the stockings have been hung and the menus have been meticulously planned.

Thanksgiving may have come and gone, but that means the holidays are really just getting started. The invitations have been sent, the stockings have been hung and the menus have been meticulously planned.

Through the remainder of December and into New Year’s Eve, people are frantically working to prepare their homes for the holidays, and for most people the kitchen is likely at the center of this prep work.

Preparing a kitchen for the holidays can keep it in great condition, make guests feel welcome, and most importantly, help preserve the host’s sanity.

Basic Kitchen Prep
De-clutter the kitchen, especially the countertops. For homeowners with granite countertops, this time of year is perfect for displaying their natural beauty. Unfortunately, countertops can become a catch-all for everything from mail to schoolwork. Before the holidays begin, take the time to remove the clutter and find organized and out-of-sight places for it. Guests will be able to enjoy the granite countertops, and the space will be easier to work in when preparing food.

Clean those appliances—including those icky insides. It’s easy to overlook the importance of cleaning appliances, although it’s an important detail—it will not only simplify cooking, but guests are likely to notice if appliances are not looking their best.

Sharpen knives and take an inventory of current serveware. For a host who’s afraid they don’t have enough necessary items, or that something is missing altogether, now is a good time to add to the collection, rather than being unprepared when guests arrive.

Preparing Granite for the Festivities
Leading up to the holidays is the ideal time to add a fresh coat of sealant to granite. This will protect it from whatever wear and tear it may endure.

Granite is easy to maintain, and simply requires cleaning using a damp cloth and a stone cleaner that’s pH neutral. Keep an appropriate cleaner close by while during cooking, so that it’s easy to quickly disinfect areas, preventing guests from becoming sick due to food-borne illnesses. When cleaning granite countertops, avoid soap, citrus cleaners and abrasive solutions.

Prior to the holidays, invest in a collection of decorative trivets that can be used to place hot pans and dishes on countertops, to prevent damage from occurring.

As a final tip, never use the same sponge to clean both dirty dishes and the countertops—this spreads germs and can lead to sick guests. It’s best to use disposable cloth or dishrags, and if sponges are used for clean-up, designate a separate one for the countertops.

Adding a Bit of Holiday Cheer to the Kitchen
With all of the focus that’s often placed on the kitchen during this time of year, don’t forget it during holiday decorating. Choose items that highlight the natural beauty of the materials in the space, including kitchen countertops and stone flooring.

For homeowners with sleek white countertops, opt for modern, metallic decorations that will perfectly complement the stone. Consider adding a silver display tray filled with holiday-themed items on the counter. For darker or more traditional countertops and kitchen finishes, incorporate natural beauty in the form of evergreen accessories and pinecones.

Floating candles are a great way to add ambiance and cheer to a kitchen. Place themed-items, like cranberries, along with a floating candle into a jar or clear glass holder and place them on the kitchen counter. The glow of the candle will highlight the stone surface, and create a warm, welcoming environment.

Finally, as an easy way to spruce up kitchen countertops for the holidays, use a basic cake pedestal and create a “cake” from wrapped presents. Complete the look with a rich, beautiful bow.

During the holidays, guests should enjoy the beauty of the kitchen as much as homeowners do on a yearly basis. Take the opportunity to showcase the best features of the kitchen, and in particular those beloved granite countertops. Don’t simply look at the kitchen as a utilitarian space this season—look at it as the focal point of a home.

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